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We specialise in just-in-time break-bulk distribution across southern Africa. Our fleet of 260 vehicles and trailers travels more than 10.5 million kilometres each year, delivering in excess of 2.4 million orders, on schedule, to our valued customers in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana.



This map shows our Logistics delivery footprint in Southern Africa. Each year our 260 vehicles and trailers cover 10.5 million kilometres to deliver 2.4 million orders to Dawnā€™s customers. Being World Class in Logistics means we need to ensure each of these deliveries is OnĀ Time and In Full.


This is why the World Class Logistics relies so heavily on the Planning and Procurement section of the business.

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Dawn Logistics has an excellent record of safe and on-time shipping, backed by a strong guarantee. We provide reliable and secure delivery services.
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