Our entire fleet boasts satellite tracking that is remotely managed for delivery routes from a central control hub in Gauteng, and monitored in real-time at branch level. This not only ensures that our drivers, vehicles and loads are protected, but also enables us to constantly monitor our vehicles in transit, enhancing our reliability and boosting service levels.


National RTMS accreditation


As responsible corporate citizens, we’re proud to have full Road Transport Management System accreditation across our national network. This ensures a constant and specific focus throughout the company, at every employee level, on safe roads, safe loads, safe drivers and safe trucks.


As a result, all our trucks are now weighed before leaving the yard, eliminating overloading; strict daily inspections are undertaken on the entire fleet, minimising our risk of breakdowns, accidents and traffic fines and improving overall roadworthiness; and driver education has been stepped up, resulting in a dramatic increase in positive driver behaviour, including driver awareness, wellness and safety.


Dawn Logistics has a wide range of vehicles at its disposal thereby ensuring that the right equipment is available to perform the task at hand. From distribution to long haul, Dawn Logistics has the perfect combination of man and machine to ensure that work is carried out in the most efficient and professional manner possible.


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